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Christian Reale

Christian Reale

“Niche and charm painter”

Christian Reale
( Naples – 1982)

Christian was born on a hot summer day in August, 1982 in the enchanting Vomero district of Naples.

Over the years he nurtured a passion and natural talent for painting and drawing. At the age of 11 he perfected his style and technique under the tutelage of painter/sculptor Tullia Matania, herself a multifaceted and multi-material artist, who inspired him to experiment and paint on unusual materials.

These two years proved to be a profound influence on his vision of art.

By the age of 14, his art studies propelled him increasingly towards American and International popular art (Pop Art), Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Mario Schifano.


“A painting, even before communicating something, must be liked, it must make you want to own it, make you imagine it on your wall”.

Classical studies at high school and economic studies at university reinforced his idea of art as absolute “beauty”, a pleasure for the eyes.

It is with this vision that he started to incorporate unique materials into his acrylic paintings. These materials evolved into the real protagonists of the story and main focus, transporting the subject itself into the background.

Serie Sacro PopArt

Give new life, bring sacred art back to our times, resurrect in us the desire to possess, exhibit and then turn a look and a thought to Our Lady, to Christ or to any other saint.
Starting from the frame, up to the garments of the Virgin and Jesus, to the accessories, current as a mask that at the time was a handbag, to complete the path of renewal of the figure and updating the work in its entirety. Enhance the background of the whole context with a shocking pink, or colors that contrast the gray and the blanket of dust that has covered the works for years, forgotten in a drawer or stacked on a shelf in a neighborhood store.
All this without ever touching the immaculate faces of a caring mother and a protected son.
PopArt is the means to repopulate the world of sacredness.

"A painting, even before communicating something, must be liked, it must make you want to own it, make you imagine it on your wall".

The series “081”, painted on the Naples telephone directory, opened the door to the theme that would become Christian’s trademark. This concept has evolved to paintings incorporating antique maps of Naples, a series of Vesuvius on newsprint and monochromatic views of Naples, entwined with a skillful use of color to enhance the most extraordinary, concealed and esoteric aspects. The true challenge is for the art aficionado to track down this unassuming artist and family man who works for a multi-National company by day and nurtures his creative side by producing exquisite works of art in his free time. He has never exhibited in public, all of his commissions come by word of mouth, from discovering one of his remarkable painting’s on a friend’s wall. The underground art scene of Naples is starting to notice the young artist, fueling the desire to own an exclusive, personalized piece of Christian Reale art. The passion Christian has for his beloved city of Naples and above all for Vesuvius, are brought to life through his unique vision and thoughtfully selected form of materials. This is the profile of a dynamic artist with whose work hides in broad daylight in the charm of the alleys of Naples, feeding the desire to own something rare and unique to envelop and connect your heart always to this historic city.

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